Monday, July 23, 2007

The Triumph of Justice but What's Next

July 20th, 2007 will be long remembered as a historic day in Pakistan when the honorable judges of the Supreme Court, led by Justice Ramday, reinstated the suspended Chief Justice and struck a vital blow for an independent Judiciary in the country. This unequivocal reversal of Musharraf's political folly has breathed life into Pakistan's moribund political landscape.

However, this event is only the beginning of an arduous political season in which the Supreme Court's independence and good judgment will be repeatedly tested. On every critical issue from dual office retention and return of exiled leaders to the enforcement of a level playing field for free and fair elections, the Court will be in a central position to restore some faith in Pakistan's political institutions and begin the process to extract the nation from Musharraf's destabilizing chokehold. Pakistanis can only hope that the Court's newly earned prestige and independence will be consistently leveraged to further the cause of a political system based on a constitutional rule of law. After the July 20th decision there is some real cause for optimism.

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Zakintosh said...

Although most of the people on both sides of the CJ seem to agree that he is not anything to write home about, his case certainly provided a common platform for many political parties to get together under one temporary flag. And now that the genie is out of the bottle, Mush can't put it back in. There hasn't been this much excitement and genuine public involveent in Pakistan for a long long time.