Tuesday, June 24, 2008

George Carlin is Dead (not lost, not passed away, dead)

George Carlin, one of the greatest American stand up comedians, died on June 22nd, 2008 in Santa Monica, CA. The outpouring of appreciations and the gushing praise of his fellow comics testify to his deep influence on a generation of stand up comedians. Jerry Seinfeld has a tribute in today's New York Times.

Carlin was a unique talent who used wonderfully precise language for his acerbic social commentary. His merciless skewering of national shibboleths, political correctness and the modern American proclivity for euphemism-laced conversations was refreshing in a landscape of false pieties and a world of "manufactured consent".

Here's a piece by Carlin on "War' from the early 90's: (Hat Tip: 3QD)
Warning: Carlin is not for the squeamish and the faint of heart. This is very strong language.


-A said...

Just browsing through blogspot, found yours interesting; always good to see people so into Pakistan :)

Zakintosh said...

Thanks for this. He followed the superhero of my younger days, Lenny Bruce, who set the tone ...

YouTube has loads of Carlin and his boxed retrospective set "All My Stuff" should be in every thinking person's collection!

Anonymous said...

Love the title

Fawad Zakariya said...

The title is from one of Carlin's own riffs where he mocks people who hide behind euphemisms to avoid facing reality like old age and the death.

@Zakintosh: always good to see you visit. The breadth of your knowledge on "all thing culture" is always inspiring.

Nadia said...

wow :)
if only we had the talent to laugh at ourselves!
Thanks for posting..